Could a Traditional Name Help Your New Baby Sleep?

by David Bostwick

A poorly named child can be traumatized for their entire lives. A wrong name, like in the song by Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue can be dreadful. Sue was given the girl’s name to toughen him up by an absentee father.

Would Sue have made the same choice if he had the opportunity? Possibly but probably not. I have many times thought that a child should be able to choose his or her own name anyway. Would sleeping baby John Ritchie rename himself Sid Vicious or would napping baby Sally become Princess Banana Hammock? Or otherwise!

My son was named very unceremoniously. My wife was carted out of the recovery room all lathered up. As she held our sleeping baby boy we were harassed by an administrative type asking me what we wanted to name our baby. I had forgotten what we wanted to name him and thought, erroneously that he would have to go through his life unnamed.

Parents can go nuts naming their child something so unusual that it escapes reality, while some parents are very concerned about the googability of their future baby. With Monster and other websites naming conventions could become very important. Think about the name. Make sure that it is a name that commands respect.

A traditional name is always a safe bet. A bizarre name will cause lots of trouble especially for a young adult. Frank Zappa named two of his children Dweezil and Moon Unit. Maybe celebrity children can get by with weird names.

A good name should be easy and simple to say and spell. Our English language is often hard for some to learn because of the odd pronunciations and spellings. Use a S for a S sound and not a C. Parents have few opportunities to exert complete control but this is one.

If you have a large closely knit family naming your child will surely upset someone. Maybe Great Aunt Pooky was hoping before she died you would find it in your hearts to name your napping baby after her. Be sure to do what you want. Don’t cave to the pressures family can bring upon you.

In truth name your child something that fits – fits for you. Ask advice for anyone you care to but in the end it is what you think that matters. Do you really want to shout from the backyard window at dusk — Optimus Prime get in here and do your homework? In the end it is whatever helps your baby sleep through the night now isn’t it?

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