How To Become More Active As A Family

Every parent has a part to play in helping fitness play a role in the family dynamic. This is something that can benefit all of you in the family. This is a great way for you to prevent your children from being unhealthy adults – it’s all about getting enough exercise and eating the right food.

The average American child, as well as the average American adult both aren’t getting enough exercise, thus leading to potential health issues.

Here are some figures that point to this lack of exercise – a child with both parents obese has a 70 percent chance of following in his parents’ footsteps, compared to 20 percent for other kids.

That’s why it is important that we as parents all set a good example for our children to prepare them for a healthy adulthood.

If you want your family to remain fit and active, here’s some helpful advice.

In the past, at least three fourths of all children would walk to school or go there on bicycle. Only one out of five do so these days. Encourage your children to ride their bike or walk to school instead of driving them there.

There are other ways for kids to stay fit if walking or biking to school won’t do. One good way is for the entire family to go ride their bikes. Strangely enough, today’s children aren’t as interested in riding their bikes as much as children of our generation and generations past. Those families who don’t own bikes can go on a family hike – still an enjoyable activity. The important thing is convincing your kid to be active as a way to enjoy life.

Physical sports can also be a good way to work out with your kids. Pitch the baseball to your child or have him or her pitch to you – you can also shoot some hoops or throw a football around. Rollerblading is another fun activity for parent and child.

Enjoy nature and physical activity on a nature trail. Get away from the pressures of the city and enjoy what the wildlife has to offer to you and your child.

Try putting a twist on the usual family vacation. The swimming pool by the hotel is all well and good, but how about this as an option? Swimming in the summer or skiing and/or snowboarding in the winter are good choices.

It’s all too common to restrict involvement in children’s sports to watching the games or driving them to the venue. There are many ways to be more involved in a good way. Coaching their sporting teams is fine, and you can also be a referee or help your kids practice.

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