I Wish I Could Find Legitimate At Home Employment

by Jessica Franks

I have heard that there is legitmate home employment oportunites; however, I have never actually found an actual situation that could work for me. At a time when gas is so expensive and I would like to implement my income I really need to find a second job that can be done from my home.

I have known people who have sold Avon, or Mary Kay or even Amway products; however, they still had to go outside the home to find customers and to make sales. To me this does not meat the qualifications of \”working from home\”.

My former supervisor asked me if i was interested doing medical billing at home, that he knew someone who was doing it and he would have them contact me. The thought was there but he never followed through. I recieved e-mails asking about the same thing being trained to do medical billing – the catch was you had to pay for the course and then no guarantee was in place that you would find employment. Primarily you would be doing most of your business with a internet entity. That’s not home employment that’s being taken advantage of.

I would gladly do whatever the employer asked if I could find a \”Legitimate home employment\” situation. I would let them view my daily work, and download the software to track my keystrokes or time spent on an assignment – whatever it takes to provide me with a seondary income.

I am currently working as a 1099 employee outside the home and the self-employment tax is killing me. It is better for the individual I work for to pay me this way so he does not have to pay the taxes; however, I must pay a 15% tax on all money earned after expenses are deducted.

I suppose there is a way to file paperwork to set up my own business that would allow me to write off more expenses; however, I do not have the money to go about doing this in the proper fashion. Isn’t that what they call a \”Catch 22\”?

I would love to come up with some type of intellectual property that I could copywright; however, I don’t believe anything is new anymore, it has all been done before. Even if I did come up with an idea, who has the money to copywright it, have a prototype made and have it produced? I imagine that is why people need financial backing. If I had that I wouldn’t need a second job!

If Legitimate Home Employment really exists, why is it so hard to find? Where do these mysteries begin and who starts them? Why didn’t my Lotto ticket hit? so meany unanswered questions. I suppose I would have better luck spotting the Easter Bunny in my backyard.

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