Jogging Stroller With Swivel Wheel? Why It Might Be Right For You

by Joe Peterson

Before you purchase a traditional jogging stroller – STOP – there may be a better option for you.

People are much more aware of being fit, getting fit and staying fit. Even moms and dads with little kids or babies want to continue to run, go for a jog, take a powerwalk – and they want to do it with their kids. This has resulted in many people choosing to purchase a jogging stroller to get them ‘out there’ being active.

If you are an every-day runner, or if you run through rough terrain then a traditional 3 wheel jogging stroller is best for you. A jogging stroller is very lightweight and it has 3 sixteen inch wheels (two in the back and one in the front). The back wheels make it so that the stroller pushes easily and at the same time they provide a smooth ride for your kids. The front wheel is fixed in place which means that when you run, walk, inline skate, or whatever the stroller will roll straight-ahead. When you need to make a turn with the stroller the runner tilts it back a little bit onto the back wheels and then makes the turn.

The fixed front wheel is a very important component of a traditional jogger. It keeps the stroller very balanced even at high speeds, and it also ensures that the stroller will go straight even over tough and uneven surfaces.

There are many moms and dads who want to use their stroller for running or jogging or in-line skating or powerwalking, but they also want to use to go to the store, or use it on a day at the zoo.

The problem for some folks with a traditional jogger is the front wheel that is ‘locked’ in place. Making a turn with this type of stroller can be awkward especially in tight areas such as an aisle-way at the grocery store.

There is now a new style of jogging stroller on the market – one that can be effectively used for exercising (jogging/running, inline skating, power-walking, and so on) and can also be used for other practical purposes – going to the store, walking through the neighbourhood, etc.

This new-style stroller has a front wheel that (with a push of a button) can either be locked in place or can swivel. The 12″ front wheel when locked in place makes the stroller great for running since the stroller will roll straight. Putting the front wheel in swivel (unlocked) position makes it super for navigating through a busy mall or an outing at a park. The strollers have large rear wheels (usually 16″ diameter) which mean that the ride for your passenger will be very smooth. Listed below are some of the features of a swivel wheel jogger stroller…

* Super for running, jogging, speed-walking or even inline skating on smooth surfaces

* It’s like having two strollers in one. Use it for exercising with the front wheel locked in the straight position and use it for going to the mall (with the front wheel in the swivel position).

* Just like a regular jogging stroller these are ultra-light. That’s important when pushing it – and when you put it in and out of your vehicle.

* Durable – welded aluminium frame provides durability.

* Passenger comfort. The two rear wheels are built similar to bicycle tires (spoked wheels with air-filled tires) making the ride for your child very smooth.

* Baby is safe and secure with the harness style (5 point harness) that these strollers are manufactured with.

* Protect your child from the sun. Many of these “hybrid” strollers have a very flexible sun cover that can be positioned so that your child will be blocked from the harmful rays of the sun no matter which direction the stroller is moving.

* Easily folds-down by one person. These new strollers have a quick process for folding down – and it can be done by one person. Why is this important? You won’t always have the luxury of having a second person nearby to help to collapse the stroller.

* Handlebar flexibility – When considering a stroller it may be important that the handlebars are adjustable. If your spouse is significantly taller or shorter than you the stroller should have the flexibility to easily adjust the height of the handlebars.

* Good value. For under $280 (on the world wide web) you can buy a well built, top quality ‘hybrid’ stroller with an adjustable front wheel (locks in place and with a push of a lever the wheel swivels).

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