Leaders That go to Overnight Summer Camp

Today more than ever before, our country and the world for that matter needs leaders that can make a difference. Kids and young adults who attend Overnight Summer Camp tend to be flexible problem solvers and learn to live with folks that are different from themselves. Traditional Summer Camps have long been known for their ability to promote life long learnables. These include: responsibility, independence, cooperation and teamwork, a willingness to try new things and much more.

As summer camp director since 1996 we know that the best directors are intentional in using their camps resources to promote specific aspects of positive personal development . It is because of this intentionality that we as camp professionals can see and measure how campers are growing and developing as individuals during their stay at camp.

It is our work with campers and staff that ensures that they not only keep the children safe but they need to encourage and assist campers in their own personal development and growth. Every day we meet with staff to check in and see how each camper is doing with meeting their parents directives as well as meeting the camps goals. We envision ourselves as a part of the family in raising the children of our campers.

Even our older teens have a chance to help and guide younger campers. A counselor in training program is designed to help teen engage in leadership and decision-making. Daily their class teaches leadership training along with child development. Then they get a chance to put into practice. For some this is their first time at a job and have a difficult role, since they just want fun. Others see this as a wonderful opportunity to better leaders in the future this is a great program.

For many the biggest difficulty is that being willing to give of themselves including the importance of being physically and emotionally present for campers. Enthusiastically participating in all activities creates a contagious atmosphere for all to enjoy. Leaders motivate and encourage others, these are all part of a great summer camp.

Camps provide an opportunity to be role models and mentors to younger children. This is not only true for those staff members but also for campers. For many, this is the first time that they realize the natural power they have over others. They learn skills for group management and gaining respect and for teaching children new skills and encouraging them to try new things.

Yes, summer camp is a wonderful time to be outside and playing but it is also a wonderful opportunity campers, and staff alike to increase their personal growth and development.

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About the authors: Jeff and Lonnie Lorenz are the directors of Swift Nature Camp is a non-competitive, Minnesota Summer Camps that offers a traditional camp programs for Boy and Girls. Campers enjoy Teen Adventure Camp trips along with in camp activities like Scuba, Sailing, Skiing and more.

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