Working From Home Realistic?

by Jessica Franks

Jessie, 28, finds herself in a bind again, pulled between work and home, as she struggles to separate herself from her crying child before rushing off to another busy commute. \”I wish I could just stay home and work my own schedule, be my own boss.\”

Does that sound familiar? There are options! Everyday you surf the
Internet and glance at ads claiming we can make hundreds
from home. Some of them even say thousands! Now, that sounds like a dream. Is it too good to be true?

Well it depends, do you have $150 to start-up? $150 to give to
complete strangers in the Internet full of online scams? Or perhaps
you found a site that doesn’t need a start-up, unfortunately many
require 30 hours taking surveys. Even if that isn’t an elaborate
scam for web traffic, the money generated wouldn’t be sufficient for
all your living expenses.

That leaves you with more familiar routes for work-at-home schemes. If you have experience with sales and you know enough people with money, that client list can mean success. Many people dream of making money selling products they get online, but it’s important to have buyers, otherwise everything will sit in storage. With enough buyers, you could successfully sell cosmetics, candles, home goods, children’s toys, rubber stamping products, marital aids, and all sorts of cooking gadgets. You could find a product to fit any type of area you may be in.

So how much money does selling one of these products actually pay? Like anything it depends on how dedicated you want to be too it. A little online research and an unscientific poll tell me that you could make anything from $30-$200 a show. If you can swing two shows a month youare looking at $60 – $400 a month. OK so maybe that will take care of a dinner or two out a month. If you are really good, you will have enough to pay for a family vacation or Christmas gifts.

Realistically, you will amakea more money by cutting back on expenses associated with work. Drop down to one family car instead of two and youave earned $300 – $500 a month! Shaving off those dinners out because you donat have time to cook could earn you another couple hundred dollars a month. Not to mention your work clothes, lunches out, oh and that enormous child care bill!

So sit down with your spouse and a calculator. It is very possible that you will aearna nearly as much money by staying at home and cutting out your work related expenses as you do going to work and missing your child all day long. While you are doing your calculating donat forget to take into account your new lower tax responsibility. Having only one income might put you in a lower tax bracket, making you eligible for all sorts of incentives from Uncle Sam!

Above all, you have to decide where your priorities are. Is it worth the extra income to leave your children behind all day? Perhaps it will make them more independent and ready for kindergarten. Perhaps you will regret that someone else raised them. All in all, each family has to decide what is most important for them. Most working families can probably find ways to cut back enough for one spouse to stay home. That is, if you think you can live without designer coffee, summer vacations, and two vehicles!

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