Expectant Fathers And Their Fears

Many men experience an on going fear that something will happen to the unborn child or the mother. There is always that thought that something will go wrong. This of course is an extremely fearful thought and it remains with many men throughout the entire pregnancy period. The next great fear is that their partners will love the new baby more than they love them and that they will be tossed aside as their partners no longer have time for them. A man may feel guilty for having this thought, the truth is this is a very human emotion and it is often misplaced in most cases, this is also a common fear experienced by children who sometimes fear that their mothers will love the new baby more. This too is also one of the fears of many experienced dads and is not just limited to first time dads. These fears should be discussed with mom so that she is aware of them and everyone can feel comfortable.

An issue that is also foremost in the minds of many men is the birth of the child and the fact that these days most fathers are expected to be in the delivery room, unlike in times past. Many men who are going to be fathers for the first time are especially fearful of this. They have heard all the stories about birth and are apt to wonder if they can deal with all the pressure, they wonder if they will be able to cope with seeing their partner in pain and they wonder if they will be able to find any emotional support or if they themselves will become too weak at this time to support their partner and the new baby that is about to come into the world.

Most men are afraid to tell anyone of their insecurities and keep their feelings bottled up, there are so many support groups for women but it is quite hard to find support groups for expectant fathers so that they can realize that these feelings are not unique to them and that several other fathers also go through these types of feelings.

Men are constantly afraid for the health of their unborn child and the mother. There is always a thought in the back of their mind that something might go wrong with either the baby or their partner. This kind of thinking drives fear into a lot of men and it is constantly with some of them. Men also fear that their partners will love the baby more than them and that they will be excluded and that their partners will no longer have any time for them.

This is not selfishness it is just a fear of being replaced, sometimes even the other children in the family, if there are any, feel this way and it is important for mom to make everyone feel included and that everyone realizes that the new baby has come to bring more love into the family and not to replace or take anyone’s place.

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