Fire up your Metabolism and Trim your Tummy

by Teresa Brown

Pregnancy is a life changing experience in and of itself for a woman. But life after pregnancy also comes with the expectation to lose weight after giving birth within a few months or the first year. This expectation is to be taken with a grain of salt because it twists the reason to lose weight, which is to not to get thin but to get healthy.

In our haste to lose pregnancy weight fast, we often forget that short-term gain doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term gain. And this is especially true with regards to the quick fix diet or diet pill method because the weight lost is always short lived. Your goal should be about achieving wellness and from that being able to manage your weight from month to month, year to year. In order to do this, you need to focus on fine tuning your metabolism.

Eat to Live

You teach your children to eat healthy so it’s assumed that you will lead by example. Wanting to lose your tummy involves fueling your body with foods that require more energy to digest them than the energy it receives from them. This extra energy expenditure helps to increase your metabolism and keep it going on “active” mode instead of on “conservation” or resting mode when we skip meals.

It’s time to start eating foods high in fiber and high in protein to get you en route to getting your metabolism up and the fat down. Because how you fuel your body can make or break your workout efforts and results. Thus, it is of great importance to execute an effective fat burning meal plan into your weekly menu.

Train in Intervals

Be thankful for interval training. It is the answer to how you can trim your tummy with a 15-minute workout. In order to harvest the fat burning benefits of this type of training, you must be able to give each exercise your maximum effort. Essentially, your workouts should begin with a brief warm up followed by a series of short burst of exercise at high intensity followed by short interval of rest. This “fast-slow-fast-slow” method keeps your heart rate elevated and your metabolism humming to increase and sustain your metabolism above its resting rate.

Strength Training builds lean muscles

Losing pregnancy weight to get a lean and toned body includes more than just cardiovascular workouts. You need to include some strength training into your workout routine so that you can start to re-build your muscle mass to become toned and lean. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will lose.

Resistance training equipments are simple and user friendly. Equipment such an exercise ball on which you can use your own body as a tool is inexpensive and simple to use. You can trim your tummy and get lean in the comfort of your home.

Keep on Moving

One would think that all the running around that a Mom does would make her lose pregnancy weight fast, but this is not the case. Try to expand your physical fitness to include your family by encouraging them to participate in more physical activities. Take a power walk with the baby in the mornings or go play some basketball with your son or daughter or you could take a family bike ride on a Saturday afternoon. The possibilities are endless and the time spent with loved ones priceless.

A healthy lifestyle will keep the weight off but it will take time to break the unhealthy habits to make the transition to healthy ones. Helping your metabolism in its efficiency to burn calories by eating and exercising right will help you to lose the pregnancy weight and gain the accompanying health benefits for your body. You will evolve into a natural beauty instead of a talk show makeover.

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