Looking for the Best Tubal Reversal Cost

by Sandra Wilson

Choosing to have your tubes untied leads to all sorts of questions. Perhaps the biggest has to do with the tubal reversal cost you will have to pay. As you will learn below, this can vary depending upon several factors.

In my own research upon this topic, I found quotes for the tubal reversal surgery that ranged from about $3500 up to a high of about $30,000. However, there were quite a few that gave a cost in the range of $6000 to $7000.

The first factor that the price depends upon is whether or not this is an outpatient or in hospital surgery. Use of a surgical center, rather than a hospital, lowers the cost. You will see this represented from the tubal reversal center websites on line.

I suppose getting the surgery done at a surgical center rather than a hospital carries a lower overhead from staff and the facility. This way the savings can be passed onto you. Face it. A hospital has to make up its losses somewhere.

What is more, it appears that surgery done in a hospital seems to come with a lengthier surgery requiring a lengthier recovery period as well. This means you most likely stay at least one night, and maybe more, having it done in a hospital. But it just might be required if you have special medical concerns such as diabetes.

One more factor in the variation of tubal reversal cost is the services you truly get for the quoted price. That price might only include the doctor’s fee and not other things such as the hospital costs, lab work, initial consultation, etc. Even if done as an outpatient surgery, you may be required to stay at a specific hotel for four nights by the doctor.

Another thing that seems to affect cost, but which does not always apply, seems to be the level of experience of the tubal reversal doctor. As strange as it may seem, those who perform the operation less seem to charge a larger fee. This could be due in part to them not having their own surgical center but using the hospital for the surgery the handful of times they do it each year.

One more factor in the price of a tubal reversal can actually be your own body mass index. Whereas some surgeons will not do the procedure on women with a BMI above 35 for health and safety reasons, you will find some who will simply charge you more money to have the surgery. In addition, if you are above a certain BMI or weight, your surgeon may require the surgery take place in a hospital.

Hopefully, the above will give you some idea of how prices are determined and how much you will pay as your tubal reversal cost. Just be sure not to totally place all your emphasis on the price when making your determination as to your tubal reversal doctor. Be sure to check into all the other questions you should be asking.

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