Lose Your Tummy without Eating Non-Fat Foods

by Teresa Brown

There are a lot of diets out there. Diets that convince you that you can burn the baby fat in days but the key to success is by simply incorporating these 5 tips into your daily eating schedule.

1. Starving yourself Slows your Metabolism.

It doesn’t help when you skip meals. Your body goes into starvation mode and when you eventually eat something it stores it all in your thighs or tummy as a defensive mechanism. Starving yourself harms your chances to lose your tummy instead you should have six small meals a day.

2. Not all Carbohydrates are Bad.

Some fad diets ask you to eliminate carbs from your diet completely. When you do this however you are taking out an essential part of your diet. Instead try and find healthy whole grain products and avoid products made with white or refined flour that are empty calories. Lose your tummy by eating healthy not by eating nothing.

3. Sugar replaces Fat in many manufactured Food products.

Remember to read the labels when shelling out the green for those “green” products. In order to lose your tummy make sure that you aren’t replacing low fat with high sugar “protein bars” and snacks.

4. Losing doesn’t mean Liquid.

Some of the highest calorie foods are actually drinks. Frappacinos and Lattes have hidden fats. You aren’t doing yourself a favor to lose your tummy by skipping a meal and having a drink.

5. Make Breakfast a Must.

If you want to lose your tummy you must get in that first meal of the day! If you skip breakfast your metabolism will stay sluggish and you will burn less calories throughout the day. Be careful however, because some breakfast staples like cereal have plenty of hidden sugars. Also heavy portions of Bacon can add unwanted fat. Opt instead for the power smoothies, eggs or lean turkey meats to start off your day.

Lose pregnancy weight more quickly with these 5 rules. Incorporate them into your workout routine and watch the pounds fly off. Try and remember to have six small nutrient rich meals a day and stay away from packaged products with preservatives in them. Stick with fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to enjoy your food and lose your tummy while having fun!

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