Nutrition When Carrying Twins

In pregnancy, nutritional needs are greater but when you are carrying multiples such as twins those needs skyrocket. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that multiples are far more taxing on the body than pregnancies with one child. You will need about 300 calories a day for each baby you are carrying, experts recommend that you eat at least five times a day, that is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

Eating a lot more protein with twins, always leads to the mother gaining a lot of weight even more so than a woman who is only carrying one child. Be careful of this and cut back if you have to, as too much weight is not good for you or the baby. You should make sure that you are taking your pre-natal vitamins, there is no need to double up the dosage on this as you do with food when carrying multiples. The regular dosage is just fine. Taking more than the required amount is dangerous , your doctor however will usually show concern about whether or not you are getting enough iron and will usually monitor your intake and test your blood to find out if you have a deficiency.

Protein is perhaps the greatest nutrient that a woman needs when she is expecting. Chicken, fish, nuts and meat are good for the development and growth of multiples as a woman’s body needs much more protein for twin pregnancies. It is best to make sure that you eat three to four servings per day. Bone density tends to decrease during pregnancy, so this makes the need for calcium even greater, try to get at least 1,200 mg of calcium a day or four servings with multiples, you also have to eat more fruits and veggies .

Another problem you may encounter is that of constipation which happens a lot in pregnancy especially with twins, this is quite unpleasant and can be highly disturbing, the best solution is to increase your roughage intake by eating more dark green leafy vegetables if you do not do this your doctor will have to give you fiber supplements, it is always better to go about things as naturally as possible when pregnant so you might want to consider getting a liking for vegetables even if you normally don’t fancy them.

When it comes to exercise it will most likely still be possible for you to do them but on a lower scale, the best exercises are swimming, walking or water aerobics, pace yourself, stop if you feel tired and by all means consult your doctor before you begin a routine.

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