Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Stretch marks are thin marks which are produced by the skin whenever it starts to stretch quickly, this usually happens as your tummy grows during your pregnancy. Stretch marks happen when skin begins stretching, diminishing elasticity.

Pregnancy is prime time for stretch marks especially as a woman’s waist, hips, thighs and breasts expand to accommodate the child growing inside her.At least a half of all pregnant women get stretch marks.As mentioned before stretch marks most often occur when the skin is stretched and loses its elasticity.

The color of these marks varies broadly based on skin colour, they might be dark brown,pink, red or even purple, as soon as they’re produced they’re permanent, even though they may start to fade overtime, however they by no means entirely disappear. The most efficient therapy is laser therapy.

Genetics play a large part in whether you have them or not,if your mom had stretch marks or a sister got them throughout pregnancy then you’re much more likely to have them as well. You may also get them, if a great deal of weight is gained throughout your pregnancy, in cases where your baby is big or you are pregnant with multiples such as twins or triplets then the chances double.The simplest way to cope with stretch mark would be to plan ahead. Even though there’s no powerful research evidence to guarantee that creams that say they eliminate stretch marks can do it, the very best thing to do would be to attempt to maintain your expanding tummy by keeping it moisturized, because the more moisturized you keep it

then it is much more likely that the skin will be nicely preserved from all the stretching. Exercise caution however when using creams as some of them are not fit for use during pregnancy. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter may be utilized and some ladies swear to their effectiveness although there’s no research data that proves it. If none of those work, the best thing to do is to try laser therapy about eight weeks after childbirth of course these can be costly so you might want to create a budget to pay for them. However you should enjoy watching your belly grow and do not get so caught up in worrying about stretch marks that it clouds such an exciting time in pregnancy.

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