Things To Consider When Trying To Conceive A Boy

by Sam Adams

Are you looking to conceive a boy so that you have someone to teach football or baseball to? Or do you want to conceive a boy for the sake of your husband then the suggestions that we offer below may well come in useful to you and should be kept in mind.

All men have in their bodies the sex cells known as the X and Y chromosomes. In order for you to be able to conceive a boy it is the Y chromosome that you need to fertilize the egg. Which does sound simple? But there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration and which can affect the outcome.

Y chromosomes are fast swimmers and so because of these they may well reach the egg first before the X chromosomes can. But as the acidic PH in a woman’s vagina is quite high you need to consider that these sperm are unable to survive very long in it.

When couples try to make a baby they will often select a number of days to have sex on in the hope that one of these will help them produce the little boy that they want. I suppose there is nothing wrong with this technique as long as they are not bothered about what sex the baby is going to be. They need to understand that the man’s sperm is going to be released a number of days before the woman will ovulate and the sperm that carries the Y chromosomes are going to be weak and before the egg has been released may well have died.

To be able to conceive a boy, the man needs to try his hardest to ensure that the sperm enters the woman’s vagina as she is just ovulating. To help determine when this is going to happen one can now purchase ovulation prediction kits and the most accurate ones are those that use a woman’s saliva. It is vital that you remember that if you are off by just one or two days the likelihood of you having a girl is greatly increased.

Before conceiving, it is vital that you should also know the Ph of your vagina. If you happen to have an acidic vagina, as this is not conducive to male sperm. In order to conceive a little boy, the woman?s vaginal tract needs to contain more alkaline. You can change the acidity of your vagina by douching and/or through eating and avoiding certain foods. These douches can be easily made at home so you will be able to save yourself a lot of money.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the position in which you have intercourse. In order to conceive a little boy then the position that they place themselves in should be one that puts the sperm as close as possible to the woman’s cervix. Often this results in much deeper penetration for many couples and if at all possible the woman should try not to have an orgasm as this will help the couple further to try and have the son they both want. But even after you have had your baby it doesn’t really matter what you have as long as they are healthy and have the requisite number of fingers and toes!

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