Top 10 Ways to Trim your Tummy and Stay Healthy

by Teresa Brown

Most mommies have enough to worry about with a newborn that they often forget about their own health. Then one day they look in the mirror and are startled to be looking at someone they don’t even recognize. So, how can you start reclaiming your health and lose the tummy? Moms, here are the top ten ways to trim your tummy and get back on the track to health and fitness.

1. Eat: A lot of new Moms are always feeding their baby but never themselves. Remember to eat through the day – starving yourself or skipping meals will just slow down your metabolism. Little snacks aren’t bad as long as they are healthy like some baby carrots, apple slices or even a handful of almonds.

2. Catch some Zzz’s: Getting enough sleep is always important for everyone but especially for Moms. You might have sleepless nights with a newborn but when your baby naps during the day so should you. It helps your muscles rest and get stronger and helps to reduce your stress and irritability.

3. Walk away the Pounds: Trim your tummy just by walking around the block. If you are intimidated by a hard cardio routine at first, then just start by incorporating walking into your schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a power walk with friends instead of being a couch potato.

4. Lift those Legs: Lose pregnancy weight fast while pumping iron. Legs and arms always need toning and with some free weights at home you can do that fast. A few reps and you’ll have your muscles burning calories all day to help trim your tummy.

5. The Ball Factor: Getting an exercise ball will help trim your tummy. Crunches on the Ball or squats against the wall will help tone those abs and legs. An exercise ball is the perfect way to use balance to lose the pregnancy weight.

6. A Delicious Cup of No-No: You don’t have to drop coffee altogether but it’s a good idea to lose the fatty blended Frappacinos. Those drinks have hidden sugars and can have you consuming empty calories instead of getting a healthy meal.

7. Wonderful Water: Everyone knows water is essential but people often forget that the body mistakes thirst for hunger. The next time your body is craving for some liquids, you should by-pass the juice and diet Coke and make sure you down a glass of water.

8. Speed it up: Getting a few quick cardio sessions in throughout the day is better than those long runs that your body gets used to. Interval training with sprints, jogs and walking will keep your heart working and getting stronger. Trim your tummy by speeding up your Cardio routine.

9. Stretch: Whether it is Yoga or Pilates or maybe just a light stretch in front of the TV – stretching is vital to staying healthy and when you are trying to trim your tummy. Muscles respond and repair better with stretching and you can get a more quality workout!

10. Have a Good Time: One of the reasons why new Moms have problems losing the baby fat is they don’t make it fun. They see it as an arduous chore and tend to put it off or drop their health plan altogether. Trim your tummy by making your exercise routine enjoyable!

It can be hard to remember every little health tip out there for new mothers once they want to lose the baby fat. These ten tips are the foundation to any healthy routine and with them you will trim your tummy in no time!

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