Trim your Tummy by Improving your Metabolism

by Teresa Brown

If only we could all be blessed with perfect metabolisms, the diet and fitness industries would be small fish in the big sea of commerce. But life is not that way and Moms have to see to it that they burn the baby fat because it is the first important step towards a healthy lifestyle for them and their family. Moms can get their pre-pregnancy bodies back by focusing on increasing their metabolism with a few “natural” tricks to the trade.

It is easy to ignore the fact that every single cell in our body is a part of us. How we assist the biochemical symmetry that goes on inside of us to keep us alive has a huge impact on our success in losing pregnancy weight and keeping the weight off. An important piece of this “symmetry” is our metabolism. It is responsible for controlling the efficiency at which our bodies can utilize our energy to keep you the busy Mom that you are. You can get on the road to proper weight management by boosting your metabolism with the following actions.

You are what you Eat

We all know that we have to eat right and the “spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. You try to instill healthy eating habits in your family but alas, you are a busy Mom and it’s so easy to cave into the conveniences of frozen dinners, fast food take-outs and deliveries. But this time it’s about you and you need to lose your tummy and recover your pre-pregnancy body.

Some of these foods you already eat and when you want to lose your tummy, this is a step in the right direction. Foods high in lean or low-fat protein and high in fiber are the target foods to aid your fat loss. Also, increasing your dietary fiber also lowers your risk for obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and heart disease. Thus, these foods should be included into your diet simply for maintaining good health.

Train in Intervals

When you need to lose pregnancy weight fast, you need do fat-burning exercises in intervals. Interval training is the training that varies the intensity or effort at which you perform an exercise. This involves alternating between doing an exercise at high speed or effort followed by a brief period of rest or low speed. You can think of interval training as changing gears in a sports car. You start in first gear and then jump ahead to fourth gear, and then you go back to first gear, jump to fourth, and repeat within a 15-30 minute time frame. Training in this way is more effective at fat loss because it increases your metabolism and keeps it “active” long after your workout.

Strengthen your muscles

Losing the baby fat is a feasible goal but you won’t get there if you are only doing cardio. Lean muscles are fat burning tissues and can be developed by working your muscle groups with a form of strength training called resistance training. Resistance training uses any outside force of resistance to work against your muscles. And when done in intervals, it is an efficient way to get faster results.

Resistance training equipments are simple and user friendly. Equipment such an exercise ball on which you can use your own body as a tool is inexpensive and simple to use. You can trim your tummy and get lean in the comfort of your home.

Keep on Moving

One would think that all the running around that a Mom does would make her lose pregnancy weight fast, but this is not the case. Try to expand your physical fitness to include your family by encouraging them to participate in more physical activities. Take a power walk with the baby in the mornings or go play some basketball with your son or daughter or you could take a family bike ride on a Saturday afternoon. The possibilities are endless and the time spent with loved ones priceless.

Choosing to eat fat-burning foods and to include resistance interval training into your daily schedule will increase your metabolism to melt the pounds and inches off your body. You should seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. In this way you will be able to stay lean and fit for the long-term and be a healthier Mom for it.

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