Tubal Reversal Doctors – Getting to Know Which Is Best

by Sandra Wilson

Looking for tubal reversal doctors? If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for a surgeon who will do tubal reversal surgery for you and you are looking for information to help you pick the right one for you. I hope the following paragraphs will help you with this.

Although there are many facts you will want to learn about each doctor you are reviewing, perhaps the most important can boil down to 1) does he listen to you and respond to you, and 2) what do other women have to say about him. You will find that having a caring doctor goes a long way to making your experience better.

But to begin at the beginning, you will want to know about his education and training. What schools did he attend? Where did he do his residency? Who trained him to be a tubal reversal specialist? Does he specialize in tubal reversals?

Now check out his experience doing this procedure. Does the doctor you are reviewing do this surgery every day or every week? Or are you looking at one who has only done three surgeries in the last two years? Doesn’t sound very experienced to me with that last.

What about his staff from nurses to surgical technicians to anesthesiologists? Does he work with the same people continuously so they know the procedure inside and out? What is your gut feeling about the nurses who are mostly the ones you talk to?

Now let’s get back to that important point of whether or not he listens and responds to you. When you call his office to ask a question, do you get an answer back from the doctor or his staff? Do you feel like he is really paying attention to patients? Are you lucky enough to have found a surgeon who provides you with a ready method of contacting him outside of making phone calls like a website or message board?

You also want to know what other women who have had the surgery think. You want to know their experience with the doctor you are reviewing. Surely you have some way of checking. Are there testimonials on his website? Can you talk to these women through a message board? Will some even let you contact them through email? This latter may be something you can do through the message board.

So there you go. Different things you want to check out about tubal reversal doctors. Hopefully finding out all this information will give you a good start on finding the one that is best for you.

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