Tubal Reversal Resources to Answer All Your Questions

by Sandra Wilson

If you are like many women who have decided they want a tubal reversal after having their tubes tied, you have most likely been searching on line for information. There are all kinds of information you need to know. If you have just started, maybe this article and the resources given will help shorten the search for answers. At the very least, you will know the questions to be answered by the resources below or in our other articles.

Most people want to know about the tubal reversal cost first off. So that will be your first question of any tubal reversal doctor or center you review. Next you will look into the doctors themselves and the facilities that they do the surgery in.

Although you may have questions about the cost, the doctors and the facilities, you really should find out more about the surgery itself. First you may want to know how the doctor you are reviewing actually does the tubal anastomosis. Does he do it in a hospital or in a special surgical facility where nothing else is done? How long will the surgery take? How long will it take for you to recover and be able to go back to work? Is it out patient or will you have to stay in the hospital?

Now you need to ask questions about the doctor. Can you get the information about his education, training and experience easily? Does he even communicate with you at all? How many of these surgeries has he done in the last year, last three years, or last ten years? In other words, does he know what he is doing and have the experience to back it up? Can you even get the information from his office or his website as to what his success rates are? Does he return your calls for information or make sure someone is there to answer?

Of course the doctor isn’t the only person involved in your surgery. There is the office staff. Do they politely answer your questions and help you get the information you need? What about the surgical staff? The nurses? Do you have an opportunity to meet them and learn about their functions? Are the anesthesiologist and her staff people you can learn about and people who are well trained to work with your doctor specifically for this surgery?

Now check out more about the surgical facility. Is it a certified facility by any recognized authority? Are you getting it done in a hospital where all kinds of other surgeries and “stuff” is going on? Or are you doing it in a facility that is dedicated solely to tubal reversals and nothing else that takes the doctor’s attention away like delivering babies? Can you see what the facility looks like especially in the comfort of your own home through a virtual tour?

How easily can you talk to the doctor, the people in his office or even to other women who are patients or planning on being patients? Is there some type of support system, like through a message board, available to you for contacting all these people? Can the staff be easily reached by phone and email? Do they respond?

If you have been looking on line for quite some time, you probably didn’t need a new list of questions to find answers for. But maybe somewhere in those above, you will find one that will trigger something you didn’t think about. Since your future child or the relief of post tubal ligation syndrome symptoms is riding on this, you want to be sure you have all the answers needed to make the best tubal reversal decision. That’s why we are providing you with a couple resources here.

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