Find Out Why King Charles Spaniels Is Becoming A Popular Breed Of Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pets that you will find in the world. As the popularity of these animals grows, one of the breed that stands out the most is the King Charles spaniels. Most people believe that these are the most delightful and affectionate breed of dogs that are alive today. At the same time, their nature and temperament allow them to be the ultimate companion. Here are some of the attributes that have contributed to the popularity of this breed.

Beauty is on top of the list of the reasons for the popularity of this breed. Very many people believe that these pets are beautiful. Accompanied by the appealing face are the long and glamorous ears that frame the watery and dark eyes. They have a very soft coat and one of the four-color combinations. These characteristics make them very appealing to the human eyes.

The breed has intelligence that cannot be underrated because their brains are sharp. Thus, they do not give the trainer a hard time because they like learning new tricks and they are very active. They know how to solve problems, and their looks make them get whatever they want.

When it comes to temperament, the Charles Spaniels might have an outstanding attribute, which plays a huge role to contribute to their typical attitude. They are joyful and happy by nature and cash be easily pleased. Their tails hardly ever stop wagging, they are not loud, or noisy which is another reason that you might be tempted to put them in your house.

The breed has a size that allows them to be swift and springy thus they do well when it comes to sports. Some of the sports that they do well include dancing jumping, alertness, obedience, and dog-related games. If they are trained early, they enjoy swimming, and when it comes to long treks, they will not be left behind.

They are known to have very high adaptability levels. The dog will be happy and contended regardless of whether you reside I a bedsitter or a big mansion, you have a large family, or you live alone, whether you prefer hiking or staying indoors, as long as you are with it. This adaptive nature of these pets is what most individuals love.

The size of the dog has also significantly contributed to its popularity. Most owners have the belief that the size of the spaniels is the perfect one for a dog. They do not consume so much space in the room, and they have the correct size for sleeping on the lap of the end of your bed as compared to large animals.

If you get a dog that has been well bred, you will not have to worry about health issues, as the dog can be perfectly healthy. The thing that you must do though is to make sure that you have taken the pet to the vet to have it examined often. Keep up with the checkups and vaccination, and you are bound to have a long and happy relationship with the pet.

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