Finding Good Wooden Flooring For Residential Use

Every year many thousands of home owner install new wooden flooring. For many of these people one of the most important considerations is cost. Everyone wants to make sure they are getting the absolute best value for money. This can be achieved by careful comparison shopping and waiting for a sale.

There are many different types of wood to choose from. One of the most popular is oak. It is extremely hard waring and can last well over fifty years. This makes it an excellent investment, especially to install in a new home. The grains are really beautiful and every board is unique. Oak can be stained lighter or darker depending on personal preference and is finished with several coats of urethane to seal and protect the floor.

In recent years there has been an increased focus on environmental awareness. This has helped to make bamboo an increasingly popular choice. It is very strong and durable, making it perfect for flooring. Another significant advantage is that it can be grown very quickly providing the ultimate sustainable resource.

The new wood flooring is secured to a plywood or concrete sub floor. Sometimes a new floor can even be installed directly over old wood boards. However, unless the old floor is level the new flooring will not be level either. Most people hire an experienced installer to work on their new hard wood floor. This way the work is done fast and with the least amount of disruption to everyday life.

Having a professional install the floors is a good idea. This is not only the fastest way to get the project completed, but they will also stand by their work and offer a guarantee. Again it is important to shop around and find someone who has all the necessary experience, but can also offer a good rate.

Wood floors are offer health advantages. They do not trap dust and dirt in the same way a carpet does. A simple vacuum and mopping is enough to keep them clean and looking their best. Many doctors recommend hard woods for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Wood floor boards are sold by the square foot. It is important to calculate how much will be needed, then add on an extra five percent to account for wastage. Each box of boards will contain random lengths. They will fit together tightly to avoid any seams. Most boards are around three inches wide, but can be up to seven inches wide. The size of the room and style of the house are important to consider when choosing the best type of floor.

Wooden flooring has tremendous aesthetic appeal. It looks wonderful and has so many advantages. A custom finished floor made of maple, ash or bamboo will last for many years and save the home owner many hours of cleaning. Solid hard woods will last a life time and look every bit as good after fifty years as they did the day they were installed. offer fantastic quality hardwood floors with a professional service and craftmanship visit website

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