Flower Garden Designs And Rock Garden Designs

The foundations to any great landscape are flower garden designs that include stunning color, foliage and plant combinations. Some of the stunning colors included in these designs are plants in blue, lavender, orange, pink and purple blooms. Plant combinations, on the other hand, may include the pairing together of the best red and yellow flowers.

Flower garden designs include ways of attracting wildlife to the landscape through the building of birdhouses and the creation of birdbaths. Birds and even butterflies are among the wildlife that are sure to be attracted by these garden structures.

Constituting part of flower garden designs are the conquest of difficult conditions such as shade and the increment in the privacy of the yard. Included among the more popular garden styles to choose from are the cottage, country and Japanese garden types. The boosting of interest in a garden not only during the summer and spring months but also during the autumn and winter seasons is an objective of flower garden designs.

For homeowners who want to bring a natural, rugged beauty to their yard, they can turn their attention to rock garden designs. Difficult growing conditions such as steep hillsides are a feature of these designs. Also featured in these designs are common rock garden plants, which grow naturally on high mountains. These plants are used to the harsh conditions of intense heat, strong winds and drought.

The experimentation with wildflowers in an array of complementary hues is encouraged by rock garden designs for the creation of a picture perfect scene. The combination of mounded plants and groundcovers with various sized shrubs is suggested for a layered look, all over color and vertical interest.

The easy creation of a rocky site is an objective of rock garden designs regardless of its natural absence. A stone wall can be an ideal foundation and border for a variety of low growing alpine classics. The integration of the stone wall with the rest of the garden is achievable with tiny rubies that fill the crevices between stones.

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