Flowers & Plants Suitable For Funerals

When someone dies, there are many ways in which we can offer our sympathies. We can simply sit with them and listen, we can help with household chores, and we can bring over food or other items to help make life a little easier. Another excellent way to honor someone’s memory is to send flowers. Here are some floral choices that are sure to be appreciated.

A beautiful bouquet is always a suitable choice. Typically white blooms are used for funerals and memorials; however, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a bouquet featuring the deceased’s favorite flowers or colors. If you are worried about a bouquet that seems too cheerful for a funeral, then keep in mind that while a funeral is a sad occasion, it is also a time to honor and celebrate the life of a special person.

If you are part of a group that wishes to send sympathy flowers, consider a striking arrangement such as a spray or wreath that will rest on a stand. These flower arrangements are pricier than a bouquet, but make a lovely, grand statement. Because of the higher cost, it is an ideal group offering because you can split up the cost. The family of the deceased is sure to appreciate this thoughtful token of esteem and sympathy.

If you would like to send something that is sure to last for many weeks or even months, you can opt to send plants instead of flowers. Most florists have a variety of options suitable for funerals, and some include lush green plants or perhaps a variety of flowering plants mixed together.

If you are unable to send flowers in time for the funeral or memorial, it is perfectly acceptable to send flowers after the fact. Simply send an arrangement to the surviving family members with a thoughtful card. People will still appreciate your kind thoughts for many weeks after their loved one has passed away.

Even if the funeral notice suggests that a donation be made to a special group or charity in lieu of flowers, it is still perfectly correct to send flowers and make a donation. Perhaps you might send a bouquet directly to the surviving family instead of the service. Flowers are always welcome and people truly appreciate this thoughtful gesture during a very difficult time in life.

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