For Bamboo Flooring Salt Lake City Is The Way To Go

With the great global industrialization, many ecosystems are under the constant threat of pollution and destruction. The adoption of eco-friendly methods of living is currently being advocated for strongly to encourage people to adopt them. Services as well as products are now being channeled to promote eco-friendliness. Bamboo floorings are some of the products that contribute significantly towards the solving of the current problem. The high regrowth rate of the bamboo plant is a great score in the environmental conservation department.

The manufacture of these products is done using bamboo plants. The global market is dominated by product from countries in Asia, particularly China. However, the US is also a major producer as well as a consumer. As such, when looking for high-quality bamboo flooring Salt Lake City should be the first place to think about.

There are many species of the bamboo plant used in the manufacture of floorings. However, the most commonly used species is the Moso bamboo. This species is favored because it bares certain characteristics that make it suitable for the task. The properties of this species make it suitable during the production process as well as in the long term.

In terms of physical attributes, bamboo floorings closely resemble hardwood floorings, something that makes them to be liked by many. Producers base on these qualities to market their products. The floorings are known for their strength, resistance to moisture as well as insects, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Traditional bamboo floorings have hardness that ranges between 1180 and 1380. Newer techniques such as strand weaving have made it possible for the manufacture of products with even higher strength, exceeding 5000. The hardness is measured based on the Janka hardness test. Hardwoods such as hickory, rock maple, white oak, Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba, and red oak have comparably lower strength ratings.

These products come in a wide range of variety. Economic viability and local preferences are the two main factors that determine the type consumed in a place. Typically, there are two kinds of orientation in these products, that is horizontal-grain and vertical-grain. In vertical orientation, planks are positioned in vertical position on narrowest edges and then they are press-laminated side by side. Arrangement of slats is done on the widest side in horizontal-grain orientation, with joining being done using high-pressure laminate system.

These products are preferable to several people because they are associated with several advantages. To start with, it is easier to clean the floorings. They do not catch stains or dirt easily like other types of floors. People with various allergies also find them suitable because the floors never harbor dust or dusts. Compared to hardwood floorings, these floorings cost much lesser.

It can be quite a challenge to successfully and effectively install these floorings. As such, it is often recommendable to hire a professional contractor to do it. For residents of Salt Lake City and its environs, there are many such companies and individual experts who can offer such services affordably.

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