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Staining is one of the best and easiest ways of restoring beauty to a fence. Stain does not only restore beauty, but it also preserves beauty. As such, many people rely on the process of staining to preserve beauty on various surfaces. This article gives some basic information regarding the process of applying stains on surfaces for the restoration and preservation of beauty.

There are several different companies that specialize in providing members of the public with surface staining surfaces. Whenever one is in search of companies that offer fence staining OK should be among the first locations to check out. Companies in this location have several years of experience and they are well-qualified to offer the services they specialize in. To achieve high quality in the services, they own various pieces of equipment and tools needed to do the job.

Surface preparation should be the first step to engage in in the process of staining a surface. Stains should only be applied on surfaces that are adequately prepared. During preparation, the surface should be cleaned of dirt and made smooth. The bond that forms between the wood and stain is enhanced when the surface is clean and smooth.

Surface preparation can be done using various methods, but pressure washing is one of the most preferable methods. This method makes it easier to apply stains because it removes dirt and may smoothen the surface too. It is good at removing various kinds of dirt, including oil, old paint, graffiti, mold, oil, and grease. One should be careful with how much pressure is set in the washer so as to avoid damaging the surface.

Sanding is another method that can be used to prepare surfaces besides pressure washing. Sandpaper helps to smoothen the surface and to remove any pointed materials on the wood so that staining can be done more easily. One can also sand the wood after using a pressure washer on it. In this case, the pressure washer cleans, while the sandpaper smoothens.

After the surface has been made ready for applying the stain, one should go around the fence to ensure that that the wood is intact. Any loose pieces should be nailed into the structure to make it easy for application of stain. Wood that is rotten should be replaced with good one too.

After all is set, one should start applying the stain. Application should be done in an up-down motion. One should try to avoid creating brush marks on the wood for a better visual appearance. It is advisable to apply at least two coats of stain. Two coats offer higher durability and resist penetration by water in a better way.

After applying the stain, one should offer good care so that it remains useful and in good shape. The fence needs to be inspected regularly to determine if the stain is still functional. The stain needs to be reapplied if it is determined to be unable to offer water resistance.

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