Fourty Two – Kids Hop Around In Funny Bunny Halloween Costumes

Peter Cottontail may seem out of place at a Halloween gathering. However, keyword are not unheard of. Usually seen as playful, these loveable creatures make appearances every year for trick or treating. Rabbits love candy too you know, just look at the Easter bunny! With a little bit of thought you can create a creature that is half rabbit and half whatever you want it to be. One important thing to remember is that not all Bunny Halloween costumes are for kids!

I’m asking you to step away from thoughts of eggs as well as baskets with weaved handles. There are bunny Halloween costumes around that don’t scream Easter. You can make your costume like a cartoon character (think Wily Wabbit) or you can go for something a little more realistic. The decision is yours.

You can do the traditional look in a stylish way as well, just try and take it to another level if you do. Maybe you like the scary aspect of Halloween, if so then a something like the Donnie Darko movie can give you a treasured amount of inspiration. And don’t worry, no one will care that you drew inspiration from a fake rabbit while trying to come up with perfect bunny Halloween costumes.

The cutesy rabbit will favor pleasant or traditional coloring. Go for a basic brown or pastel shades when you desire the adorable bunny look. A “”friendly”” rabbit tail is generally seen as a plump, round cotton ball shape. You can do much with the ears, although softly curved with a little extra wideness in the middle usually completes the child friendly look.

When you want a more real looking rabbit then you need to stay more natural on color. A nature site online can help you find just the right hue as well as find other details to help you in coming up with bunny Halloween costumes that are neat to look at. The tails on a rabbit actually aren’t so round and fluffy either; on your costume you might want to show how tapered they actually are.

Get creative if you want take a nice bunny and make him not so nice; you could turn him into a buck tooth beast. Options are endless when it comes to transforming your rabbit into a more creepy variety. You could even use fake blood and carry something more disgusting than Easter eggs in your basket. Bunny Halloween costumes come in all varieties.

Children love animals. If your Halloween plans mean wearing your costume in public or at a party, where children may be present, be prepared. Ensure that your tail is attached securely. It is very tempting for some children to tug on Easter rabbit tails and ears, trust me, I have seen it happen.

Because bunny Halloween costumes come in so many variations you’ll have no problem finding a direction to go in. One could be an elaborate full body suit; another could be a rabbit ear headband with a detachable tail. Finding the best bunny Halloween costumes to fit your style will help you narrowing your search down to one. So go with the traditional or even the off the wall with your rabbit costume this year and have a ball! Edited by Svetchey Sanorols

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