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It’s actually apparent that market participators have conditioned the market to treat the intellectual property of developing enterprises as if they had been the creative output of a Lennon & McCartney album.

What utter rot. Open a cool CAD software package, prepare some living areas into pleasurable proportions to fit a fixed block of land and you are just about there.

Toss in a touch of creativity and you are done. Simple! Pick up any average free house plans and you are looking at something fairly basic, to be brutally honest. Even so , we need to remember that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can produce nice house plans, so they’re worth something, dollar-wise. Why then make them available as ‘Free House Plans ‘, and not ‘Cheap House Plans ‘?

It is not so complex if you carefully consider what’s the real ‘value ‘ of a group of house plans. What’s gained by possessing the use of the plan, and what’s lost if the plan is actually ‘given away ‘ as a Free House Plan? It is apparent someone was remitted to do the first work, so who paid them, and why?

Once any builder has completed a few projects, he usually retains ownership of the plans from such projects. Even in the rare example where a home was designed, but the project did not proceed, the compensation is usually sufficient in the averages. Whatever the circumstances, you may be reasonably sure the genius that drew it was compensated.

Another debate builders use is regarding the uniqueness of their designs, yet you will recognise common features in all of these “unique” creations. The most important thing to remember is, even though I give my plans away, I essentially don’t lose ownership of them.

Irrespective of how many times I dispose of them, my free house plans are still in my possession, safely tucked away on my website.Giving away my house plans does not cost anything in any way. Quite the opposite. My business would suffer if I took away one of it’s preferred free services. House plans are used two ways: as a producer and as a user.

You are a user – you’re meaning to employ a house plan to create your new place. You’re trying to find features you like, space usage that matches your wishes and needs.

You’re searching for info, and copyright restrictions on the free use of House plans are restricting your options. Developing businesses should be judged on much more important factors like quality of workmanship and capability to deliver on time, rather than how massive their place plan scrap book is.

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