Front Entry Doors – What Makes You Secure At Home

Front entry doors are meant to protect our houses from any form of attack. However, their lack of durability or important safety accessories can keep them from doing so. Perhaps, you are clueless on the reinforcement of the main entrances of your house. Read this article for helpful insights.

Did you know that even the sturdiest doors can be kicked open with old and rusty locks? This happens when the locks have been around for years and necessary replacements were never made when needed. For your safety and security project, examine all the exterior doors in your house. What kind of locks do they have? Is the lock only present in the door knob? If yes, you cannot be assured that it is there to protect your house real well. With the use of a sturdy screw driver or a small pry bar, wood entry doors can be easily disengaged.

In case of replacements, choosing deadbolt locks could be a wiser move. Once you have installed one, do check out on the other accessories – strike plates and hinges – that are attached to the door and its frame. The strike plate is the metal plate that surrounds the lockset. If your current strike plate is thin and bendable with just one hammer slam, have it replaced with a thicker plate. Exposed hinges make your entry ways not secure too. It can be addressed by using non-removable pins in fastening them. As both of these items are attached onto the frame, ensure that the frame itself is sturdy. Longer screws can be fastened frames better on the wall.

Getting the right front entry doors is really key to keeping your home safe. Hollow doors are definitely economical but they are not that reliable as far as durability is concerned. Their cores are made of cardboard and then covered by sheets of veneer. Opt for materials like fiberglass or solid wood. The same materials are ideal for choosing the right frames too. Refrain from selecting ones which have built-in windows. Such a feature attracts evil doers to seize your belongings inside. If you are keen to know who is knocking, simply install viewers or peep-holes on your door. They should be wide-angled and be at your eye-level.

Even though your front entry doors are complete with the reinforcement accessories, they may fail to give you utmost security if they are simply made of substandard materials. This is usually characteristic of low- priced doors. They are hollow because their cores are simply made of cardboard which is then covered by veneer sheets. Save for a fiberglass or solid wood door. Although expensive, they really are dependable when it comes to security. Instead of buying doors with windows, simply purchase viewers which can be attached or detached any time.

Homeowners need to be careful with the way they use front entry doors too. Unknowingly, evil doers could be observing how you use your entrance ways on a daily basis. Do you find yourself keeping your keys in unsafe spots? These are the likes of doormats, flowerpots and windowsills. It is easy for other people to retrieve keys hidden in these places. Also, be watchful whether you are able to lock your door whenever you go out. Once a thief has already studied the time you leave or arrive from outdoors, he can break into your house without force and can get all your home improvement tools and supplies.

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