Furniture Sets For Ikea Living Room

Ikea took the plunge into the wide world of augmented retail reality. It has released a companion app to go with its Ikea living room catalogue. This gives Ikea furniture fans access to bonus digital content in relation to products shown on its catalogue pages.

The new AR functionality of the Ikea app allows users to see how certain pieces of digital Ikea living room furniture will look like in any specified room. The users will actually see a digital version of the chosen furniture appear in the room by simply scanning one of the 90 AR-enabled pages of the catalogue that comes with the app, then tossing the catalogue on the floor.

The Ikea app superimposes a 3D model of the chosen Ikea living room furniture on the screen of the mobile device of the users. The users will be able to see the effect of the would-be furniture in the chosen room without actually moving furniture around.

For anyone living alone on his own or with his family, the living room is an important home space. It is where a family usually spends time together. It is also the place where most of the guests of the family spend the majority of their time in. Because of this, other than holding up to the wear and tear of everyday living, living room furniture sets must be chosen on the basis of their ability to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

By starting with the basics, the selection of living room furniture sets could not go wrong. Before contemplating on ottomans and additional tables, it must be ensured that the basic elements of a standard living room, i.e., a sofa, an armchair, a side table and a coffee table, are covered. Priority must be given to investment pieces, such as high-quality, solid furniture with sturdy wood frames and sinuous steel springs, which may be more expensive but hold up better and last much longer.

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