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Gifts are a very necessary part of the social life. It is no wonder then that giving presents marks memorable occasions in life. Of course the season determines the type of present whereby different seasons have particular gifts. These collectable items can be anything and range from toys to paintings or certain artifacts.

Steiff bears remain one of those renowned gift and toy brands. This trade marked item has a considerable history dating back to the past century. An invention of a German family this includes an array of toys that have been associated with seasonal gift giving. These products are particularly hand sewn to enhance the high quality demands for such goods.

The Steiff bear is the commonest among the Steiff company toys collection. This is a high quality hand sewn dally that has been carefully designed and trade marked to distinguish it from other fakes. These toys have a specially labeled button with the company name concealed within the toy structure. This is generally applied for the range of products that includes the puppets bears and cats. The nature and texture of such stuffed toys makes them preferable by most children and especially so because they can be easily handled.

Generally the design and production of these items is based on a quality tradition that has been carried on for many years. The process is founded on the Steiff family philosophy that only the best is good for children. Therefore this production is subjected to fastidious testing and inspection.

Furthermore these diddles must be made in such a way as to guarantee the safety of the child first. This is perhaps the most important consideration during the production of such diddles. Flame resistant materials like woven plush mohair alpaca and felt are used for such stuffed toys. This is important in reducing the likely risks form fires even when the toy is being used near a fire place.

Moreover the eye pieces for such toys are made using wood or glass that is generally safe and non toxic and hence poses no threat to the children. These hand sewn toys have a generally stronger hemming and therefore more durable. In this way this kind of dallies have maintained superior quality among their class.

Primarily the material used in Steiff bears and toys for stuffing includes wood shavings or polyester fibers. These materials are generally safe and friendly even when they accidentally spill out whenever the artifact is torn. However the high quality sewing that is used for such diddles will rarely allow such an occurrence. Generally these products are made to resist the tear and wear.

The manufacture of gifts and toys is a very lucrative industry. Moreover the success of such a business depends on a number of factors. Most important is the manufacture of season specific collectable items that can be purchased during specific occasions. In this way companies like Steiff have grown to become among the successful worldwide as a manufacturer of stuffed toys. In fact the Steiff bear is among their renowned and trade marked collection apart from the puppets and cats.

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