Go Green In Your Kitchen – Here’s How!

For many folks, our favourite room in the house is the kitchen, but it can also be the biggest drain on energy! Look over the following ways that you can fast and for the most part very cost-effectively, turn your kitchen into a lean green machine.

1. A cleaner stove top and stove. If you've got any darkened material sitting around in the cooker, or stuck to the stove top, you're wasting valuable energy! These materials will soak up heat, which is taken away from your cooking time. While you are endeavoring to boil that corn on the cob or bake that birthday cake, the dirty surfaces are draining resources. Put the effort and time into spiffing up your stove, inside and outside, and increase its efficiency during the process. It will save you a lot of time and cash over the long run.

2. Invest in a range hood. These can be bought for any make or model stove, some very cost-effectively, but the energy they regain for you will be easily worth it. A range hood redirects all of the hot air generated from cooking and sucks it right out of the best kitchens Gold Coast residents could ask for. Otherwise, that heat will infuse your place and either kick-on your central air or prompt you to manually make the alteration to provide compensation for the burst of heat.

3. Change all the light bulbs in your kitchen. Fluorescent bulbs are seriously more efficient than ordinary bulbs and can last as much as 10 times longer! The larger efficiency of CFL’s will be offering you immediate savings on your electrical bill and over the life of the bulb. Additionally, these bulbs will scale back your carbon emission footprint and help the environment, in addition to being simpler on your eyes.

4. Use the fridge to defrost. Leaving any frozen food in the chiller to thaw out is easy and easy, as long as you don't forget to do it in time! This will prevent over the top use of the microwave, saving cash and energy and some swear this is a much fitter system of defrosting meat. A completely thawed item will also need far less time in your oven or on your stove top, increasing the attractiveness of this tip much more.

5. Multi-task! Using your cooker for just a cake is a very ineffective use of your resources and a wastes time and money. Plan in advance and use all of the space on your stove racks. Not only will this cut down on the energy usage, it lets you get more done way ahead of time. Heat for the week by putting morning muffins on one rack, pudding minded cupcakes on another and even roasting a little side dish at the same time. The more space you use at once, the more you save yourself and spare the environment. Consider freezing portions of baked food for subsequent usage, if your folks are small sized or you live alone.

Our love for cooking and eating keeps us active in the kitchen, and if we learn to adopt more recent and greener ways of doing things, we are able to do ourselves and the environment some big favours. Save time, money and costly resources by adopting the tips from this article into your kitchen today.

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