Granite Counter top care and maintenance

Granite is a natural stone that is said to be extremely durable and works really well in heavy traffic areas like kitchens and master lavatories, but since it is a natural product it a stain. Below are one or two helpful suggestions which will keep your granite looking as beautiful as the day it was installed:

Everyday cleaning of the granite surface ought to be done with simple dishwashing soap, rinsed thoroughly with cleaner water and dried totally using a clean dry fabric.

Do not use anything on the worktops that you wouldn't use on your hands. Don't use vinegar or anything that may contain ammonia (e.g. Windex), bleach (e.g. Clorox), or speciality lavatory, tile or grout or cleaners that will contain acids. These chemicals may have a bleaching or etching effect on some of the minerals in the stone.

Don't use any kind of cleaner, since the abrasives in the cleaner, over the passage of time will take away the last polish from the stone making it appear lifeless. Other items that might be deleterious to any stone’s surface are citric acids, oils, wine and ink. The effect isn't permanent in granite but may be in other types of stone, such as marble or travertine since they're calcium carbonate based.

Clean up spills as speedily as possible employing a blotting methodology rather than wiping to avoid spreading the spilled substance. Use soap and water to clean the area, rinse, and then dry with a clean material.

Remember, for everyday cleaning, dishwashing soapy water is all that's needed, and making certain that the surface is dried with a clean material. There are daily granite cleaning solutions available if you intend to have something designed expressly for granite.

Don't forget to seal your granite countertops VA each 6 months to keep you worktop freed from stains.

Learn some easy tips to keep your granite or marble countertop clean without damaging it.

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