Great Advice From A Contractor On Ways To Keep Your Dwelling In Top Repair

There is a fine line between saving money on home repairs and opening the door for more costly maintenance down the road. Simple checkups of your roof’s condition and vigilance with heating system filters can lower energy costs and help you avoid disastrous leaks in bad weather months. Here are tips on how to keep your home in sound condition so you can save on repair costs long-term.

Make a house-wide filter check. Most homeowners are aware that you should change heating system filters in cold months and AC filters in hot months. However, you should move beyond that by looking at the filters in your drying machine as well as your stove hood. Performance suffers in every appliance when filters are dirty. The life of the equipment also becomes shorter when maintenance is not observed.

Get ready for cold weather months. As the cold temperature gets near in your city, it’s the perfect time to take down air conditioning systems. Window units must be taken off and cleaned so that there isn’t any debris inside whenever you bring them out the following spring. If the units are screwed tightly to the window gaps, take advantage of weatherproof covers. Also, assess the weather stripping on doors and windows throughout the house.

Study your roof’s state. Your repair budget may be sapped totally when you disregard the state of your roof. Anything from chipped roofing shingles, obstructed gutters and snow accumulation can spell problems and cause leaks soon after a hurricane. During the terrible weather, you’ll see significant repairs for roof leaks. Hire a roofing crew to assess your home’s condition before winter. Most roof repair jobs are not needed by examining your roof on a regular basis.

Review safety equipment. Items like the carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms need regular battery replacement. Letting these appliances die can lead to catastrophic fires and other life-threatening accidents. Test your fire extinguisher and other heat/cold sensors as well, so you have the opportunity to react quickly to an emergency.

Shore up bathroom sinks and tubs. Leaks through the interior of your home can prove as costly as those coming from outside through your roof. Check on the caulking of the sinks and tubs so you don’t allow leaks to damage wood and tiles. In the kitchen, make sure the refrigerator seals tightly and clean out the coils. With clogged coils, these machines consume a great deal of energy and will break down sooner.

Observing these regular home maintenance procedures will keep things running efficiently – and help you avoid paying for larger, unnecessary repairs.

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