Griddle Iron

Cast iron griddles are a great addition for someone who has just gotten their own place or they cannot afford to have the gas on just yet.

Anyone who has cooked with a cast iron griddle knows that it is one of the best cookware ever invented. One of the great things about camping is the campfire. If your current collection of pots and pans are getting worn out you know how exasperated you get with them. These types of griddles come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be round, square or rectangular. The simplicity of it, is its beauty.

You can grill hamburgers and hotdogs, but you may also want some other choices. That is where your cast iron griddle will come in handy. To get the best flavor from your griddle it should be seasoned as recommended by the manufacturer before your first use. Whenever you need an even heat for browning and cooking food, a cast iron griddle will get the job done with ease.

The main reason being depending on their quality the flavor can be absorbed long before you place the food on it to be cooked. You can also use it for cooking pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, flatbreads, and many more.

Nowadays double sided iron griddles are available in the market. When you season a griddle it can cause quite a bit of smoke and there is no better place to get rid of the smell than outside.

One side is ribbed and ideal for grilling steaks, chicken, burgers, etc. The other side is flat and perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, grilled sandwiches and French toast. You can use vegetable oil, but lard just works better. A lot of these pots and pans contain material like Teflon and various other non stick materials that can be harmful if not monitored the right way. So, be careful. Or the ones that have eroded over time, you can be sure that this material was consumed and it came off in your food.

Once your griddle has attained that beautiful black hue, you can cook anything in it with confidence that the food will not stick to the pan.

So put away the old pots and pans and try cast iron griddles out for yourself.

The water droplets should sizzle and hop around BEST GRIDDLE PAN.

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