Health Tips For Your Furry Friend

We love our pets and they love us, but just like a child, dogs definitely are completely dependent on their owners for care. This means more than just providing plenty of water and healthy food, as there are many other important aspects of dog care, including the following.

While we don’t hesitate to take our pets to the vet when they are hurt or ill, it’s just as important to schedule that yearly check-up. Your veterinarian will do a thorough exam and run some routine tests to ensure that your dog is in tip-top shape. It’s often during these annual visits that the doctor can find problems early on before they are really causing your pet discomfort.

Just like with people, there are many vaccines that are highly important for dogs. Obviously, all dogs are required by law to have a current rabies vaccination. Your dog also needs to be up-to-date with their bordetella vaccine, which prevents kennel cough, a miserable and highly contagious upper respiratory infection similar to whooping cough in humans. Distemper vaccines and vaccines that prevent Lyme disease are other important vaccines your dog will need. In addition, it’s wise to consider medications that prevent heartworms, as well as some type of flea and tick treatment.

Unlike humans, dogs shouldn’t be bathed every day; however, dogs do need proper grooming. This not only includes the daily brushing of fur, but also trimming fur for longer-haired dogs, trimming hair around the ears, cleaning the ears, trimming toenails and a bath every other week. This keeps their skin healthy and coat nice and shiny.

One pet care element that often gets pushed by the wayside is dog training. However, this is crucial for several reasons. First of all, if your dog does not obey commands, it can put them in serious danger. They might run out into the street or run toward an aggressive dog or wild animals. In addition, thousands of dogs end up in shelters every year simply because of behavior issues. With proper training, these dogs can be taught how to behave and families can avoid issues such as scratching, barking, running away, jumping and many other irksome behaviors.

We often don’t really know how to train, so it is wise to get some help. A dog DVD training system is handy because you can train at home at any time that is convenient. The Dog’s Way is an easy-to-use DVD dog training program that includes twelve lessons that cover a number of obedience and behavioral issues. In addition to the DVDs, there is a workbook with a section for each lesson, reminder cards with helpful tips, and everyone who purchases the DVDs also gets access to a private, members-only website with additional tips and training advice. Certainly it takes some patience and time, but in the end, you and your dog will forge a stronger bond and you will have a dog that is safe and happy.

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