How Can You Give Protection To Your Property From Burglars

They would say a guy’s house is his own castle. Well, my very own is my fortress. It is very difficult to pass over all of the locks and alarms. If there is a small possibility someone might squeeze past them, then I’ve still got a second line of defense that will nail him.

He’ll get videoed by my surveillance security camera system. And he will not realize it, either. Monitoring cameras are visible, however my spy video cameras are concealed within everyday things. And they even have their own embedded digital video recorder each. No outside recording device required.

The living area’s got a little digital color alarm clock DVR on top of the table near the couch. Some burglar is going to think it is just some functioning clock, which it certainly is, only one that is going to capture him on 640×480 resolution video at 30 fps. There was a free 4GB SD card provided.

In the event that he turns to his left, a wall clock covert camera with DVR is going to record him on time-and-date-stamped video in MPEG4 format for nearly 144 hours on the low setting.

On his right, there’s an air freshener covert camera with DVR that performs scheduled recording. Its motion detection area masking signifies I can block the bottom quarter of the lens in order that the hidden camera does not tape Hershey, my chocolate-point Siamese, walking past.

Within the dining area, an air purifier hidden video camera with embedded DVR watches from up on the wall. It is an authentic air purifier which records to an included 8GB SD card. It supports SD cards up to 32GB.

And then there is the alarm clock covert video camera with integrated DVR resting quietly on the corner shelf. This is a fully-functioning AM/FM radio alarm clock with a large LED display. It features an alarm indicator, alarm volume control and a sleep button.

If some burglar does get past all my security tools, there is not a chance he’s getting past the nanny camera system I have set up. Even when he escapes together with some of my things, it won’t be long before he’s ID’d and captured.

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