How Disabled Folks Can Give Protection To Themselves Against Danger

I constantly bring a stun gadget. It is my favorite personal defense weapon as it makes headlines any time police officers use it to take bad guys down.

Right after my right leg got injured during an accident, I had to make use of a cane and discovered why else it was a problem. I would have to use my stun gun with my left hand, which I was not familiar with. And, in case my left hand was holding something, I could not grab my stun weapon with it. I then discovered the ZAP walking cane stun weapon with flashlight.

Using a stun device is significantly safer as compared to fighting back. It is that for the assailant, also, because stun devices are non deadly. But, from the discomfort only, he will think he’s dying. And, while he is occupied twitching on the ground, his victim has time to call up the police, even though walking with a cane.

The perp, meanwhile, will stop twitching after several minutes, and find he didn’t sustain any kind of irreversible harm, when he is recuperating in jail.

My brand new rechargeable stun weapon cane delivers a million volts. Its size may be adjusted from 32 to 36 inches and, because it can take up to 250 pounds, there is no likelihood I will crack it. It possesses a really bright LED light and a safety switch that rules out my utilizing it on any individual accidentally.

This kind of flashlight stun gun features a one-year limited warranty. There s also a carry bag thrown in for free.

My brand new weapon gives me an extra edge my previous one did not. Make that two. Since it is a disguised stun device, my target won’t see what is coming until it zaps him. It is also a stun baton, so the added reach means that I keep a secure distance from the guy I am zapping.

My own walking cane stun gun gives me the confidence to take any attacker down. This will serve him right for picking on a man using a cane. And I can already picture the news: DISABLED MAN DISABLES MUGGER.

Jimbo H Lesneyy has been training people how to operate self defense products to defend themselves for many years now. There are many options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides full help and instruction on how to operate the products. Click Here

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