How Gene Fusion Can Correlate to Brain Cancer Research

Brain cancer research has been a difficult, albeit noble, task to perform and there are reasons for it. Tumors themselves are complex because of how many substances exist inside of them, so finding treatments which focus on said substances has been more of a challenge than it possibly had any right to be. Findings may be close by, though, since there may be a connection. This type of correlation exists between two different genes, which fuse together in order to perpetuate these very growths.

It was reported on the Discover Magazine website that there may be a correlation when it comes to this growth development in tandem with genes in the brain fusing with one another. This is important because there are about 10,000 diagnoses being seen yearly and about three percent of them originate because of these instances of fusion. Brain cancer research, as you can imagine, is helped because of this news. In addition, I have to believe that it helps out strong organizations like Voices Against Brain Cancer.

The article also said that the way that this fusion comes about is through DNA replication, where disparate genes may be linked. This can result in abnormal proteins, which can ultimately lead to cancers being found in the brain. When you consider biology, it almost seems like there’s no way for anyone to truly prepare for this condition. This should not bring down the hopes of people too terribly, however, because I have all of the reason in the world to believe that a solid cure will be found.

If you have seen those who have been impacted by this kind of cancer in the past, you will know that there are no lengths that they will stop at in order to help. Donations are common and seeing money being brought in will unquestionably help in the line of research, which is arguably the most important part of this cause. In addition, people who may not have had much in common otherwise can help out one another. Simply giving support to each other helps.

I have all of the reason in the world to believe that with all of these new findings being seen, cures will be on the horizon. It seems like with the few theories we have now, it’s difficult for everyone to be positively impacted. Yes, there have been instances of a number of patients being helped, but what about assisting patients on a wider scale? Brain cancer research will be able to help everyone in the long run and I believe that it’s only a matter of time.

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