How Granite Countertops Can Brighten Your Home

As you remodel your house or plan the construction of your brand new house, choosing a work space that accommodates your requirements as a cook or entertainer is extremely important. It is not easy to restore counter tops, cabinets, or major home equipment without footing a significant bill down the road, therefore careful consideration at first will save you money and time. For serious cooks, an investment in stone could be the definitive touch for a full service and specialized kitchen.

There are many choices that will confront you as you go to choose a countertop surface for your kitchen. Inexpensive options like Formica work for people who do not cook often or who are on budgetary constraints. This type of laminate countertop can be made to resemble fine granite textures as well, though it lacks the sturdy rigidity present in granite. Another material, marble, is also made of mined rock like granite slabs are. This is a more homogenously textured surface than granite, though it too is very sturdy.

Granite is usually removed from the earth in large quantities from a assortment of different quarries in many regions across the world. Slabs tend to be shaped from these extracted pieces, causing them to be useful as surfaces. Before placement inside a cooking area, granite is almost always sealed in order to stop it from taking in large amounts of moisture. You need to evaluate installers servicing your area. Workers of granite countertops in Dallas consist of really reliable to completely fly by night.

As a mined rock, granite is quite distinct. A coarse-grained substance, granite is in the class of igneous rock and contains at least 20 percent quartz, in addition to which it usually contains about 35 percent feldspar. The distinctive aesthetic of granite–its color and texture–can involve streaks of deep pinks and greys, as well as occasional green and blue notes. For a serious cook, the surface is super-heat resistant and can handle essentially any stress that comes its way, allowing you to place even hot dishes directly on the countertop.

After you decide to go with granite countertops, the choice of appearance and thickness of your countertops become important decisions. Meshing the countertops with other aspects of the kitchen can be tricky as you try to coordinate other design elements in backsplashes, cabinets, and wall coloration.

Thickness is another consideration. Contractors in a given area generally have their own guidelines for this, but remember that kitchens really require a thickness of over an inch, perhaps around an inch and a half.

After you have chosen the other appliances and parts of your kitchen, you can make final choices about your granite, and your contractor can make cuts and measurements. The investment in granite begins paying dividends nearly the moment it is installed.

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