How Noise Can Give Protection To You From Bad Guys

Janet, my girlfriend, had been bothering me to help her obtain a personal protection mini alarm. Her purse was snatched 2 weeks ago and she is still traumatized by the incident. However she must head out to work and just has one way to get there.

Like numerous personal protection tools, personal alarms are non deadly. So, you do not have to stress about causing any kind of irreversible injury towards the individuals you use one on. Their major role would be to call attention to precisely what is happening to you and, hopefully, discourage the perpetrator as well.

Soon after a bit of a research, I made a decision to get Janet a small personal alarm with clip. This is sleek and compact and just what she requires to offer her a feeling of security.

The major feature of this particular personal safety alarm would be the 101 dB ear-piercing sound that it produces once activated. If 130 dB is almost the human threshold of pain, then it is enough to send someone scurrying off to save his own eardrums.

Right after inspection, Janet was relieved that the ‘activate’ and ‘deactivate’ button was positioned perfectly, making it simple to operate. Best of all, it could fit in her purse, pocket or hand. This works as a key holder so Mr. Snatcher will not even suspect the existence of a self-defense weapon.

We later tested the personal alarm in open space and I swear it wasn’t enough to cover my ears in order to cut off the noise. I had to back off to be able to escape it.

A few days later, Janet laughed so hard the moment I asked if she had occasion to use the security alarm. Someone had bumped into her accidentally on the way home. She had assumed that he was a thief and her finger had found the alarm’s ‘activate’ button.

Instead of running away, he had crumpled to the ground, hands over ears, and was shouting to stop the sound. It appears that this personal protection mini alarm is just what Janet requires in order to feel safe.

Walliam K McCuin has been educating people how to operate self defense items to defend themselves for years. There are dozens of options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete help and instruction on how to operate the items.

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