How to Care For Your Inflatable Spa

Everyone loves a dip in a spa or hot tub. But unfortunately due to the cost of purchasing, installing and running a spa, most of us are limited to only enjoying a spa on special occasions or holidays. However, an inflatable spa could be the answer to your problems, allowing you to enjoy a spa in your own back yard.

Buying an inflatable spa as opposed to a normal one will mean that you save a lot of money, have a spa that you can move around or deflate when necessary but enjoy all the perks of a traditional spa. But you must remember that just because inflatable spas are a cheap alternative to a traditional hot tub, it doesn’t mean that they do not need caring for.

An inflatable spa is still an expensive piece of equipment and it should never be treated like your kid’s paddling pool. You will need to regularly clean the filters, add chemicals and clean your spa. You need to look after your spa with the respect it deserves; then you will have it for many years to come.

The cleaning procedure for your spa is the same as it is for a normal hot tub. You need to make sure that the water is regularly circulated as well as leaves and debris being removed from the surface. Even if your spa is not in use it is essential that the water is turned regularly. Here you can choose to turn the pumps on daily or alternatively empty your spa when it will not be in use.

When it is time to add the chemicals to your spa, the good news is that the chemicals are the same as you would use in a traditional spa and they are very widely available. Your blow up tub will however actually take fewer chemicals than your traditional tub, and this will save you even more money. All these are great advantages that you need to consider when purchasing and looking after your tub. Other good facts that you need to take into consideration are that your blow up tub will in fact take less water, less chemicals and use less electric.

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