How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

The actual hardware on the kitchen cabinets quickly creates a good decorative style for an area. Replacing old hardware that have new is any wonderful approach to update the kitchen without having to spend much money. If you’re buying brand fresh cabinets, choosing a right hardware will set a tone.

Cabinet hardware is available in numerous styles, shapes, colors and materials. When selecting hardware, look at the actual following:

Cost. Basic wooden knobs could cost as low as 50 cents each; hand-wrought iron pulls can cost over $100 each. Determine your own budget early in the actual decision-making process.

Material. Do you would like wood, plastic, glass, ceramic or metal hardware? Every single material will provide a different look to your own kitchen.

Size and shape. Would you favor knobs or pulls? How big do you would like or need?

Model. Cabinet hardware could be as basic as any basic knob or end up being carved into intricate designs. Do you want a good traditional look, or a more modern kitchen? Are your own cabinets suited for any French country kitchen, or much more of an informal beach cottage look?

Listed below are several suggestions based on three several types of kitchen decor:

Conventional Kitchens

To get a formal look, your own cabinets might feature weightier, carved woodwork. Cabinets for formal kitchens might look best that have metal hardware, which could usually end up being heavier and a lot more detailed than is appropriate for less formal cabinets. Search for wrought-iron pulls, copper pulls, antique brass or fancy glass pulls.

Modern day Kitchens

Modern kitchens have sleek cabinets, often in man-made materials. Several modern kitchens currently have a good hint of playful design; look for fun plastic pulls in fascinating shapes, or hand-painted ceramic pulls. Some cabinets in modern homes are made of laminate and have grooves in typically the bottom or tops of the doors and drawers that act as pulls; placing additional hardware on the actual fronts ruins the sleek look. For these types of cabinets, hidden hinges perform best.

Country Kitchens

Country kitchen decor could currently have wood-stained cabinets or coated and distressed cabinets. Very simple wood pulls, antique glass knobs, white or ivory ceramic knobs and several varieties of metal pulls work well in country kitchens.


While you want to stick that have one particular kind of material for all your cabinet hardware, you could mix and match the styles. For instance, you might install knobs on the cabinet doors and pulls on drawer fronts. Or use various sizes of pulls. Mix 2 or 3 distinct styles in the same metal to have an interesting look.

Try a Sample

Unsure which kind of cabinet hardware will look best in your kitchen? Buy any few different styles, take them home and have a fabulous look.

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