How To Clean And Protect Your Timber Floors

Pulling off an elegant feel for any outdoor or indoor space becomes easy when it is installed with wood planks. Wood evokes a more rustic appeal that’s attractive in any room from receiving rooms to kitchens, from patios to decks. While modern flooring materials may be more convenient to maintain, a lot of these will need replacing after a few years. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, can last for many generations. In fact, many ancestral homes still have their timber floors intact and preserved.

In Singapore though, modern living gave way to the need for diverse flooring options such as tiles, stone, and vinyl. These options are easy to clean and maintain, thus they require less attention compared to wooden floors. But even though these materials are common in urban homes, wood flooring Singapore manufacturers continuous to have a steady source of clients. There’s really nothing better than walking barefoot on your shiny wooden floors.

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of timber flooring, prevention is the key so you should know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning wooden floors. This will help you avoid causing unnecessary damages to your wooden floors. To keep indoor and outdoor timberworks beautiful, make sure it is free from scratch. Moving furniture is one of the many causes of deep scratches on wooden floors. This can be prevented by using protective pads for furniture legs. For cleaning, use only cleaning agents that are safe for your indoor and outdoor timber flooring. If you are not sure what cleaning material to use, contact your Timber flooring singapore supplier.

Next, be aware that sunlight can cause timber to fade or darken upon constant exposure to it. To keep hard wood floors from fading, put window curtains or install blinds or cover sun-drenched floor areas with rugs. Proper architectural plan can also help homeowners avoid encountering this problem.

Furthermore, sweep dirt and grit immediately as they could leave tiny scratches on your floor. Vacuum regularly to make sure all the dirt are collected. Put rugs on foyer and hallways as these areas receive the most foot traffic.

Keeping timber flooring smooth and shiny isn’t rocket science. All you need is to follow installation and cleaning instructions from your Timber flooring singapore supplier and exert extra care to avoid premature deterioration.

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