How To Determine When A New Roof Is Needed

Damages to a roof aren't always clear, and sometimes there are occasions when a Charlotte roof will need repairs even if there has not been a hurricane. Spotting the signs it's time to hire a Charlotte roofer can make it much easier to fix damages before it gets out of control.

Drooping Flagging and Leaks

A clear sign of an issue, beyond water getting into the house, is a drooping or strange shape to the roof. When the roof looks like it is beginning to sag inward, particularly in wierd spots, then it may be time to search for further damages.

Look for leaks inside the house in any area that is below a spot that looks warped or like it is beginning to sag. A flagging roof is an indication of rot beneath the shingles or the material on the roof.


Cracks in the roof are often a sign that it's time to consider getting a Charlotte roofer. Depending on the cracks, it may be a pretty serious problem or it could mean that a few shingles or a small bit of the roof needs repairs or replacement.

Do not presume that the roof will need complete repairs just due to a single crack. In a number of cases, replacing the shingles will give the repairs that are needed.

Loose Materials

Loose materials can be tough to spot because it's not invariably straightforward to see visually. Constantly having the roof checked by a pro will help make sure that any loose shingles or other materials will be recognized before the difficulty gets beyond control.

Buckling or Cupping on the Frame

The shingles and the roofing material isn't the only place where the roof may have damages. In a number of cases, the frame of the roof will need repairs. An indication of issues with the frame is buckling, implying that the shape is warped. Cupping, which is when parts of the frame pull away, may also be a sign of issues.

It can be hard to recognize when to hire a pro roofer in Charlotte. In a few cases, the signs of an issue are clear. Leaks and missing shingles can be seen clearly. Sadly, other signs like loose materials may not be instantly detectable. Having the roof checked fairly constantly could be a key part of preventing major damages, especially after a hurricane.

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