How To Host A Fun Mardi Gras Party

When Mardi Gras occurs, there will definitely be parties and celebrations. The name “fat Tuesday” is well equated with Mardi Gras which happens every year on the day before Ash Wednesday which we all know to be the day that marks the start of the Lenten fast. This is the last day where we can indulge before finally giving up some things for the Lenten Season. An uproarious Mardi Gras party may be great to give your family and friends this year.

Begin with the festive decorations. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple, yellow and green, bright shades that beckon the coming of Spring. Set the dining table and buffet table with a black or white tablecloth and then add decorations such as Mardi Gras beads and coins in the three traditional colors. Place candles of purple, gold and green on the dining table as well. Use streamers to decorate the ceiling and put up festive displays with feathers and masks.

For that beautiful floral centerpiece atop your dining table, check out your San Clemente florist or Dana Point florist as they can even give you festive bouquets to decorate other areas of the place. Arrangements like a purple vase with yellow and purple blooms as well as some greenery can be attractive to the eye and can be brilliantly prepared for you by a Carlsbad florist or San Juan Capistrano florist.

Food is definitely going to be a highlight of your party, and remember that this is a night for indulgence, so you don’t have to worry about counting the calories. Set out platters with Po Boy sandwiches or Muffaletta sandwiches and serve up crock pots filled with red beans and rice or gumbo or perhaps a spicy jambalaya. For a fun drink, consider making a big bowl of hurricane punch. Dessert might include a plate of beignets, a pot of strong chicory coffee and a lavish King cake.

Most often you will find the King cake served on the festival of Epiphany but it has also become a special Mardi Gras tradition. This cake is much like a cinnamon roll in New Orleans where it is decorated with icing of purple, gold and green or perhaps glazed with colored sugar as decoration – in yellow, purple and green. What the chef does is to put in a trinket that is usually a small plastic baby. Then the tradition goes on by declaring as the “king” of the day whoever finds the trinket inside the cake which also follows that he or she is the one to provide the King cake the next year.

To really make the event interesting, ask your guests to come in Mardi Gras-themed costumes and give out a prize for the top costume. A playlist of all Mardi Gras tunes should be in place, as well. Many songs are actually written about this yearly occasion and even mix together Mardi Gras music with New Orleans Jazz.

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