How To Shop For A Bathtub

Homeowners often choose a bathtub that is pleasing to the eye. But it’s also important that it is clean and properly installed so that it could serve its purpose well-that is, to provide the best and most comfortable relaxation nest for its intended users. In purchasing one, there are several factors you should take into account to make sure that you get the one that is best for your need.

The first thing that you should consider is the space and location of the bathroom. These factors will determine how the tub would be installed. There are two types of tubs you could use for your bathroom: wall-touching tubs and drop-ins. Wall-touching bathtubs are designed to touch either three walls or two-walls. Wall-touching tubs conceal the mounting at the sides, while drop-ins usually have their mounting underneath, on the floor.

The size of the tub should also be in your list of priorities. The size would depend on the intended users’ body built and as well as their age. While it’s easy to give estimates on length, width, and other dimensions, what is primarily recommended is to visit a home store, try out various models, and personally determine which of them is the most comfortable.

The tub room should also be factored in, as it will have an effect on the quality of your bathing experience. For instance, you can’t have a relaxing bathing experience if there’s no enough room for your outstretch legs. The depth of the tub should also complement the age of its intended users. Deeper tubs are more difficult to get into and out of. The weight of the tub should also to be taken account, particularly when it will be installed in second floor bathrooms. Homes with wooden flooring would certainly find the installation challenging.

Functional details contribute in the overall satisfaction of any bather. For one, you should check the speed and efficiency of the drain in eliminating water, as mistakes in this aspect results in clogging and flooding. To avoid this, the method of installation should properly address the tub’s connection with the pipe work.

The design of the deck also adds appeal to the tub’s functional and aesthetic value. This is why many manufacturers provide built-in modern features for tub’s decks. These include touch-button faucet control, spaces and storage for soaps and shampoos, and even high-tech electronics such as TV, disc player, and radio. Of course, all of these comforts come with a price.

Manufacturers nowadays focus on providing state-of-the art bathroom accessories, including bathtub and hansa, for a more aesthetically pleasing comfort room and comfortable bathing experience. (8128). This article, How To Shop For A Bathtub is available for free reprint.

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