How Will I Know When I Require Services For House Restumping?

Countless homes across Australia were built using foundation stumps made from wood. These supporting stumps were largely made from robust timber which was meant to provide the home with years of use. Nevertheless, all kinds of wood will deteriorate as time passes. As the wood begin to deteriorate, the stumps become less supportive to your home. The foundation that your home rests on can become uneven and slanted. If this happens, it is imperative that you book a house restumping service to correct the matter.

A restumping service can replace the wooden stumps with sturdy concrete stumps. There are numerous signs that will mean that you should get a restumping consultant to your home.

Sloping Floors

One of the more significant signs that you might already have experienced stump damage in your home is if your property has uneven floors. If you’ve got the general sense that you are walking on an incline when you are in your home, there is a good chance your floors may be uneven or sloping. To determine if your floors are uneven, just place a ball of some kind on the floor and see if it rolls one way. Other indicators that deterioration is present include if windows and doors stick regularly or if your walls have cracks in them.

Visible Indications of Stump Damage

Although you may be aware of stump damage inside the home, you might also notice actual damage in the stumps themselves. If you can visibly examine the stumps, you may work out if the wood has become damaged through your own inspection. It is best to upgrade your stumps to concrete stumps at the very first sign of wear and tear on your wood stumps, so it’s wise to visibly inspect your stumps regularly.

Moisture Around Your Foundation

Now and again, house restumping can be performed before any substantial damage occurs. For instance, if you live in an area with a high level of precipitation, you ought to know that this creates conditions that are conducive for the development of stump damage. Replacing the stumps with concrete stumps now, before damage has occurred to the stumps or the homes overall structure is wise.

If you are not sure if restumping is needed, you can contact a professional service for a consultation. Many companies will send a professional to the property to inspect your stumps. This will help you learn about the house restumping process and the cost.

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