Hurricane Season is Fast Approaching for Amelia Island

Flooding and water damage in Amelia Island can occur at any time of year and you must always be diligent in taking care of your property, your home and family. With hurricane season approaching you need to be on alert and prepared at all times for the types of problems water, wind, and sometimes fire will cause to your home. Hopefully this year you’ll be lucky enough to escape unscathed, but you should always be prepared for the worst. As a home owner there are many things you can do to prepare.

The first thing you should do before any storm is check your insurance policies and make sure you have the proper coverage for any type of catastrophe or disaster. Knowing whether you are covered and to what extent you coverage applies in and event, will save you a lot of anguish at a time that might already be very stressful. You might have coverage for fire, but not if caused during a natural catastrophe such as a hurricane

Just as hurricanes are not the only cause of water damage and flooding, water itself can be categorized in a few different ways. Understanding the type of damage you have is important. We always prepare for the big storm, but small things can happen to create water damage as well and we should be aware of them and the types of water damage that occurs.

There are 3 types of water damage:

A number 1 type category is considered clean water and comes from common water resources like hot water heaters, sink or facet plumbing, and bathtub overflows. A professional emergency water damage restoration company can remove the water and typically salvage most of the affected property as long the recovery process starts as immediately as possible. Note that a Category 1 loss can change to a Category 2 loss if not addressed quickly.

Category 2 losses occur when the damage originates from a water source that is not “clean”, and has the potential to cause sickeness if ingested. Common causes for this category might include damage from aquariums, flooding from a washing machine or dishwasher, and toilet overflows that do not contain any solid matter feces. Once again keep in your mind that this category if not corrected in a timely manner can lead to category 3.

Category 3 clearly the worst will include external water including seawater, rivers, streams, etc., any sewage (raw or treated), toilet backflows that originate beyond the toilet trap, and any water entering a structure from a weather related event (hurricanes, storms, flash flood). Exposure to Category 3 water poses a significant health risk whether ingested or not and professional help should be sort after.

Heavy storms often lead to floodwater damage on property including homes. What’s more, broken and leaking pipes, damaged water hoses, malfunctioning equipment, and blocked drains may also cause water damage. Indeed, stagnant water is a worrisome issue for most homeowners. Contaminated water, such as sewage, is unsanitary and a health risk by nature. Still, even clean water can encourage the growth of mold and mildew if left standing for a number of days. In light of that, flood damage restoration is necessary to remove stagnated water, dry existing moisture patches, and prevent future occurrences of water damage.

The key to minimizing loss and accelerating recovery from these types of water related incidents is to promptly seek professional help. Trying to deal with these types of situations with a shop vac and towels isn’t the smartest approach both from a health perspective and a salvage perspective. Leave the Job to the Professionals. A suitable company will clean the entire house, extract the floodwater, dry any moist areas, dehumidify the house, and exterminate any contaminants present.

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