HVAC Repair Stops Cooling System From Freezing

When the weather turns hot and humid in the summer, residents may find their cooling systems freeze. The first indicator of a problem is often a dripping noise or puddle that forms around the inside unit. HVAC repair can fix the problem quickly in order to restore cooling for the home and improve comfort.

Ice forms on the evaporator coils. These are the fin covered devices that allow heat exchange for cooling the home. The cause of ice formation is usually either a blockage of airflow or a system that is low on refrigerant. In either case, the evaporator coils lose efficiency at removing heat and over cool, freezing the moisture that collects on them.

When homeowners notice this problem their first response should be to turn the unit completely off. This means moving the switch to the actual off position and not just turning up the thermostat. Allow the ice to thaw completely before turning the system back to the on position.

Since restricted air flow is a common cause of the problem, this is a good time to replace the filter on the unit. Be sure all registers are completely open and not blocked by drapes, furniture or other objects. Avoid the temptation to close off registers in unused rooms as this restriction in air flow can cause ice to form.

Units require periodic maintenance. During the service call, technicians can check levels of refrigerant and add coolant when necessary. In addition, part of the call includes cleaning the condenser coils, which reduces the chances the air flow is blocked.

When the cooling stops, homes can quickly become uncomfortable. HVAC repairs help to ensure home occupants remain cool. In some cases, repair technicians may recommend replacing the unit.

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