Laminated Glass Is Significantly Less Dangerous Compared To Various Other Glass

A sophisticated car’s auto glass protects a car owner from flying rocks, bugs, and possible accident particles. The windshield also protects a person from natural factors that may seem fairly harmless except when you are traveling at high speeds. A few of these elements of nature that might affect a driver’s capacity to safely run his vehicle may be rain, wind, snow, and perhaps even a falling leaf from a tree! In addition to shielding a driver from the natural elements, a properly fitted windshield adds to the structural integrity of a car’s roof. This is a lot to expect from a windshield, don’t you think so?

The early windshields protected drivers assuming they did not break or crack. The moment they shattered due to a car accident, they grew to be much more dangerous than the auto accident! Think about big shards of glass (or an entire sheet of it) flying at your face, arms, and neck. Decapitation and maiming occurred often in car accidents throughout the early times of the automobile because of windshields made out of typical glass.

A French chemist created the laminated glass. He accidentally dropped a glass flask and shattered it in a lab test. The flask was previously covered with cellulose nitrate – a type of liquid plastic that hardened when cooled. As soon as the chemist unintentionally dropped the flask, it smashed but did not shatter because of the plastic coating. The chemist’s name was Edouard Benedictus.

It took a minimum of an additional two decades until the automobile sector began to use laminated glass in their vehicles. By 1939, the Ford motor corporation had followed laminated glass for use in its set up lines. A company referred to as British Indestructo Glass Limited was manufacturing the laminated glass for Ford motor company at that time. They were manufacturing the glass in Dagenham England.

Modern day laminated glass is created by bonding two or more layers of normal glass with each other and sandwiching a middle coating of Polyvinyl Butyral in between. After the glass and middle covering of plastic are fixed together, large press rollers then push out any air bubbles caught between the sheets of glass. The last level of the process needs dipping the glass windows into a heated, pressurized oil bath.

The middle part of polyvinyl inhibits the glass from splintering or fragmenting should it break or shatter during an auto crash. Your windshield is truly one of the most important, safety-devices on your automobile – don’t take it with any consideration!

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