Learning About Hardwood Floor Maintenance

There is nothing more beautiful than a hardwood floor. Its shine reflects elegance and beauty as well as adding value to any property where it is installed. To keep this up this appearance it is necessary to use a correct hardwood floor maintenance program.

When making this kind of purchase it is important to select the correct type and species that will compliment the surroundings. There is a choice of solid wood or laminate. Laminate wood flooring is composed of three layers, which are the top designer layer, the inner core, and the backing.

A freshly laid hardwood floor has an awe-inspiring beauty. This investment can be enjoyed for a lifetime. In fact, history shows that a well-maintained wooden floor will last 100 plus years when properly maintained.

Anyone with this type of floor wishes it to retain that ‘new’ look which adds to the beauty of a room. The owner can easily do daily maintenance by vacuuming or gentle sweeping. On occasion, the applying a special wood cleaning product may be required to bring back the original appearance.

Many wooden floors have a polyurethane finish to protect the wood and provide a high or medium shine. In time, this polyurethane can wear off and need replacing. Most people hire a professional maintenance person for this kind of work.

For people who prefer to keep a shine on their floors with wax, hardwood floor maintenance is simple to do. It merely requires daily care by dust mopping, vacuuming, or using a buffer. When the use of a buffer no longer keeps a shine, a cleaner should be applied and re-waxing done. Vinyl or tile waxes should never be used on wood, as they will cause a dangerous slippery situation that can become dangerous.

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