Looking For Reliable Guitar Amp Repair

If you play guitar and use and amplifier, solid state and tube models will need maintenance or faults rectified. If your amplifier fails you will need to search for reliable guitar amp repair to get it working. A few important things should be considered before having any work done and some research is advisable.

There are various amplifier manufacturers and each model has different functions and will do different things. A head unit which is favored by professional musicians will be connected to a separate speaker to produce audible sound. The other kind of amplifier is a combination which will has an integral speaker and these are popular for amateur players and for people who play at home for fun.

Vacuum tube amps should have a yearly service to make sure they operate efficiently and safely. Most gigging guitarists will carry spare tubes when they are playing live shows in case they need replacing. When you change a valve it is imperative that the new one is matched to the old one to avoid damaging the amplifier. Any serious faults with tube amps should be fixed by a professional repair technician to ensure the job is done correctly.

Solid state amplifiers will also require inspection and maintenance to keep them operating properly. Some minor faults can be rectified by the player with a simple tool kit and the suitable spares. If your transistor amp has a serious fault, it is a better option to get the repair work done at your local music store, or by a qualified electrician.

When you carry out your own repair or maintenance work the parts can be purchased from an internet retailer or a high street guitar store. You will need to ensure that when you purchase your parts that they are compatible and under guarantee. Used spares such as control switches and speakers can be used as long as they are compatible and have been tested.

When you are buying replacement parts for your amplifier there are a couple of important things to think about. Always try to use original factory made spares if they available rather than aftermarket spares made by another manufacturer. Due to the rarity and value of some vintage amps it is advisable to use an authorized dealer to carry out any repairs.

If you choose to attempt your own repairs in your home there are some very useful instruction manuals and tutorials available which are worth looking at. The DVD’s and books feature diagrams, photographs and instructions on how to carry out routine repairs and amplifier maintenance. When you have done electrical work it is advisable to get it checked out by a qualified electrician to ensure the work has been done correctly and safely.

The costs of amplifier repair work will differ with each particular model and the nature of the fault. Simple solder breaks and switch replacement will start from a few dollars rising to thousands for full rebuilds. Using an online firm to do repairs may be cheaper but shipping costs will need to be added to the bill which may be costly.

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